$30 Million in Funds Available
30% Cost Savings on NANTUM Implementation
$155,000 Maximum for Project

Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) uses technologies to collect data about a building, and uses that data to optimize the building’s energy usage. Sensors, meters, and other equipment, along with data analytics and building data information services, show how the building is actually performing at any point in time.

Installing an RTEM system like NANTUM allows building owners and manager to acquire data, but properly analyzing real time data is a critical step to reducing utility and operating costs. With that information in hand, building owners and managers can make data-based decisions about building optimization and potential capital investments.

15% Potential Asset Appreciation
8% Higher Rental Income Per Square Foot
10% – 20% Reduction in Operating Expenses

ENERGY STAR Service and Product Providers (SPPs) such as Prescriptive Data have the experience and tools to implement energy-efficient strategies that are right for you. Following the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Guidelines for Energy Management, a proven strategy developed
from ENERGY STAR partner successes, SPPs can help your organization gain control of energy consumption and costs.

ENERGY STAR SPPs can help building owners and managers reap the financial and environmental benefits of superior energy efficiency. Energy use is the single largest operating expense in commercial office buildings, representing approximately one-third of typical operating budgets. Energy use in commercial buildings also accounts for almost 20 percent of annual U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.